When planning on what to make of your wedding table decorations, it is always a factor that you determine the type of table you are going to use. The type of table you will use for the wedding determines the formality of the occasion. Know the exact number of your guests that are going to attend, but when doing this, make it a point to extend extra seats and tables to accommodate those who came late.

wedding table decorationsOnce you have determined the type of table you will use, you can start planning on various arrangements and centerpieces for the table. Half the time spent during a wedding is spent in the reception.

The challenge to the hard thing of planning and creating the wedding table decorations lies on your ability to come up with a unique idea.

Table decorations you need to consider

1. Shape and arrangement: The shape and arrangement will determine the capacity of the venue. Proper arrangement can maximize the space, avoiding over crowded spots. This will also give a more spacious look on the reception.

2. Covers: One of the typical wedding table decorations are the covers. White table cloths are the typical color they use during weddings. Make your reception a unique one with these ideas:

  • Wedding table decorations such as drapes on the table can help a lot in putting texture and design on the table.
  • Colored cloth that matches the motif is another good idea. Besides, it differs from the traditional white cloth, it can also conceal stains.
  • When using a plain colored table cloth, use streamers or ribbons to add additional glow on the color.

3. Centerpieces: Wedding table decorations such as centerpieces are the most common decoration you can ever put on the table. Common centerpieces are candles or an arrangement of flower bouquet. The color of these centerpieces should match the wedding motif.

4. Lightings: Wedding table decorations can’t bring the glow if it is not properly silhouetted. Lighting plays a great part in bringing visual appreciation on any table centerpiece or decoration. There are however, some instances where in the light from the candle centerpiece accentuates the surrounding setting.

5. Settings: Wedding table decorations is not only limited to centerpieces and the kind of table cloth you use. It is also about what else is in the table you’re going to use, a note card beside the centerpiece and elaborate table napkins.

Wedding table decorations should not be hard to find. With a little creativity from your inner self, you can always come up with something unique and useful. Decorating your reception table can get more exciting and you may go overboard in decorating. Avoid putting too much on the table. Crowding it with too much décor will make the guests uncomfortable eating.

Do not crowd one table with too many guests. Besides the uncomfortable setting, your wedding table decorations will be unnoticed. Huge centerpieces should also be avoided since they can obscure your guests’ views and prevent them from talking to each other comfortably.



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