Your wedding is one of the most beautiful occasions that can take place in your life. No wedding can be complete without beautiful floral wedding arrangements to make the place and the occasion more sweet and special.

These floral pieces help unite the theme and the colors of the wedding. The sight of flowers can transform the location of your wedding ceremony and your reception into something magical and romantic.

In order to make your wedding venue and reception blooming and attractive, consider the following in preparing your floral wedding arrangements:

Plan it out

    Careful planning must take place when it comes to deciding on the floral wedding arrangements.

    You should select the size, design and the placements of these flowers in the venue. There are actually a lot of factors that you should consider when it comes to this part of the wedding.

    Know your limits

      One of the first things that you should consider when it comes to making any decisions on your floral wedding arrangements is your budget.

      It is best to look at your wedding budget and use ten to fifteen percent of that for your floral arrangements. Discuss with your florist what you can do with your budget from the very beginning so that you can avoid the arrangements that you cannot afford.

      Identify your flowers

        You also have to take into consideration that different flowers have different meanings. Try to choose floral wedding arrangements that would convey special meanings to you and your relationship.

        Make sure that you ask your florist or your wedding organizer if the flowers you like would mean anything.

        Check the weather

          The season is also one thing that can affect your floral wedding arrangements. There are some flowers that would be expensive or unavailable in some seasons while some would be less expensive.

          If you are saving money then it is best that you stay away from out of season flowers. Popular wedding flowers include calla lilies, carnations, roses, daisies, tulips, gardenias, lavender and many more. You would have to discuss their availability with your florist.

          Decide on the size

            You will also have to decide on the size of your floral wedding arrangements. The choice can easily be limited though with the cost and the budget.

            For the centerpieces on tables it is best to go for smaller floral arrangements. This way, you can concentrate more on important flower arrangements such as the bride’s bouquet.

            Stick to the motif and theme

              Your floral wedding arrangements should also go well with your wedding colors. It is either you choose the flowers that you want first and let the wedding colors revolve around it or vice versa.

              Aside from the colors you should also select the shapes. There is the dome arrangement, horizontal, round, triangle and many more. Show your florist the venues of your ceremony and reception so that you can discuss what floral wedding arrangements to use at which areas.


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