Weddings are an expensive affair and with the current economic situation, plenty of brides are into economizing and budgeting. Expenses on decorations including centerpieces can amount to quite a bit. With a little planning, it is possible to come up with amazing centerpieces that are quite affordable.

Candle arrangements as centerpieces are an amazing option and they don’t cost as much as floral arrangements. You can look for candle arrangements that use a few candles. With the use of mirrors you can easily give the impression of a larger arrangement. Try using floating candles in combination with flowers to make an exotic centerpiece.

If you are bent on using flowers and still want them in your budget, an interesting option would be centerpieces that use submerged flowers. Submerging centerpieces use one to three flowers and are quite reasonable depending on the flower you choose. These are made to look special by combining them with submerged stones or even candles.

Another way to have floral centerpieces and still stay within budget is to use local flowers that are in season. Seasonal flowers will turn out quite reasonable in comparison with exotic flowers or even flowers that are not in season.



  1. I always loved the look of shorter illuminated arrangements that guests can easily see each other over. The way candle light reflects through water really makes the centerpieces glow. Just remember not to put goldfish in the centerpieces if you use candles! It may seem like a neat idea, but the melting wax is toxic to the fish and it never ends well for them 🙁


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