The typical wedding bouquets are beautiful, official and surely part of the custom. All the brides to be love flower bouquets, but recently there is a special tendency, when it comes to creating a more unconventional wedding bouquet. The fabric wedding bouquets are absolute hit nowadays.

They are eccentric and different, moreover they last forever. Many brides that are trying to think out of box are choosing exactly those bouquets, for they are creative and artistic.

wedding bouquet 1

If your wedding is going to follow the traditions, but you still want something really different – choose a different bouquet. The creating of the fabric bouquets can be done by specialists or by yourself.

In case you want to create your own wedding fabric bouquet, here are some advices that you should consider for creating a dream piece that will sparkle in your hands.

wedding bouquet 2

First and most important is to choose the fabrics. It is not necessary to choose the stereotypical white satin. Go for pop colors and do not create your bouquet just from one fabric. Use at least three different fabrics, for it will create a contrast.

You can form flowers from the fabrics, as you can decorate them with artificial birds, brooches and whatever your imagination allows. When creating the bouquets, think that this is something everlasting and it is a symbol, which will be preserved forever.

wedding bouquet 3

Many brides are adding some small jewels on their wedding bouquets; you can do the same, if the jewel reminds you of something significant in your life.

The art of creating fabric bouquets is growing to become a culture, so you should consider some ideas that professionals are using for the bouquets.

wedding bouquet 4

In case you don’t want to limit yourself only to fabrics, don’t worry, you can also use all kinds of alternative materials. Buttons, fabrics, silk flowers, feathers and even plastic flowers are in the trend of the wedding tendencies.

Vintage is the bespoke keyword when it comes to everlasting wedding bouquets. One of the most original wedding bouquets is the vintage one and therefore the bouquets made out of brooches are so precious for many.

wedding bouquet 5

You can order yourself a wedding bouquet that will be created out of your favorite jewels. Be sure this will be the surprise of your wedding.

In case you want to get married as a fairytale heroine, this is already possible. Just go for the chocolate covered strawberry bridal button bouquet.

This is a great idea for brides with an imagination, because the bouquet is made of 50 button stems, pink and white chocolate and bright pink ribbon.

The exceptional bouquet is surely a great idea for those of you, who want to escape the wedding cliché.



  1. I saw the “Buttons” bouquet and think its AMAZING. Do you know where I would purchase something like this, and what the cost would be? I’m getting married in a month and would love to have this unique keepsake!!! Thank you so much, Cindy


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