In case of the wedding reception, there are a lot of things that the wedding organizers have to be thinking about, and some of them are the table decorations for weddings. There are 2 main kinds of table decorations: the floral and the non-floral ones. Which one would you choose?

Non-floral table decorations for weddings

1. Swedish chic

There are a lot of things that you could have on the table as decorations, such as figurines, old keys, and also game pieces. All of these should be painted to match the silverware and the overall theme of the wedding.

Table Decorations For Weddings2. Animals

In case you would like the wedding to reflect your playful side, you could have an animal tower as a wedding table decoration, under a bell jar. For sure all the guests will be reminded of the story behind the animals.

3. Romantic centerpiece

Keep in mind that the paper doilies can add a lot to your wedding reception, so you might consider having as wedding table decoration a chandelier made of this material.

In order to enhance the look, you should also have garlands added to the backs of the chairs for an added visual effect.

4. Go bold and modern

In case this is the style that you are looking for when considering wedding table decorations, then you should be looking for some brightly colored candles that have the right color for the color scheme of the wedding.

5. Leaves

In case you would like to make the wedding look rich (literally) you could have some faux laurel branches in gold color as one of the table decorations for weddings ideas. Naturally it is quite easy to overdo them, so you should stick to a simple design.

Floral decorations

1. Red and pink

You could have a centerpiece that gradually changes its color from pale pink to red. For this wedding table decoration, you could be using sweat peas, nerines, hyacinths, fuchsia peonies, raspberry cyclamens and ruby tulips. This may be the romantic touch that the wedding has been asking for.

2. Fountain

In case you happen to have a yellow color scheme at the wedding, you could like this one of the table decorations for weddings that consists of a fountain of phalaenopsis orchids, French tulips and mimosa blossoms. The color will make the wedding reception look brighter.

3. White and green

The white and green combination adds a warm feeling to the wedding, and this is why so many people are opting for it as wedding table decoration. You might be thinking about viburnum, bells of Ireland, snowberry, carnations and asclepias pods.

4. Go white

It is possible that you will get married during the winter, and then there is nothing better to reflect the season than to have matching table decorations. The one that we are referring to is made of gardenias, ranunculus, calla lilies, lisianthus and Dutchtulips.

No matter which kind you prefer, for sure you will find the most suitable table decorations for weddings. You just have to think a little outside the box.



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