Fashion comes and goes and this is why it is important to always find out about the latest trends that are there. You might find numerous professionals who try to predict the next trend, and believe it or not, there are also some trends when it comes to wedding flowers.

If you have an upcoming wedding to organize, this article might be extremely useful for you. One of the professionals called Frank J. Andonoplas predicted that it will be really popular to use some special kind of greenery besides the traditional wedding flowers, to spice up their look.

Summer Wedding FlowersYou can go looking for berries, pods and other kinds of greenery. He thinks that in this season we will have some more interesting bouquets than in the past season.

The shape should be different from the round shapes that we are used to, and to achieve this you might also be thinking about Manzanita branches.

He says that most probably the majority of the brides will opt for the blue color instead of the purple that we could see the last season.

Naturally the blue will be mixed with some other colors as well, including orange lilac, green and yellow.

Another professional, Sasha Souza, predicts that those flowers will be popular that have large petals. These include peony, roses and also hydrangea. The advantage of these flowers is that they are very nice looking and they aren’t as expensive as the majority of the flowers.

Also they match the romantic and open garden-style weddings that seem to be really popular these days.

According to this professional’s opinion, the bouquets will focus on contrast rather than on the match of the colors. For example in case the bridesmaids wear green or turquoise dresses, the bouquets might have a red color, but orange or yellow would also create a nice contrast and so the flowers wouldn’t be overshadowed by the dresses.

Joy Thigpen is hoping to see numerous natural looking bouquets, which would also be suitable for the open garden-style weddings. The brides could be thinking about those flowers that are specific for the region and also for the season of the wedding.

In case the bride would like to have a natural looking, but in the same time unforgettable bouquet, she might opt for lilac. Also you could consider garden roses instead of the peonies.

David Carusso predicts that in this season we will see numerous bold designs with a carefree style. He believes that the color trend will be the reddish pink, like tulips, peonies, freesia, roses and ginger.

Dwayne Ridgaway thinks that the days of rigid and tight bouquets are over, and it is time for the unfussy and relaxed bouquets. This is why numerous brides will opt for peonies that offer a fresh and natural look.

Roses and hydrangeas will also remain popular for the same reason, but in the same time we will see mini calla lilies, viburnum and a mixture of different kinds of flowers in the bouquets.



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