The biggest problem regarding the summer weddings is that they seem to look very much alike and you could get the feeling that if you have seen one, you have seen them all.

This is why in case you are organizing your own wedding, you should try to add something new to it. It might be a very good idea to add the notes of summer to the wedding by using them as elements of the décor.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

When looking for wedding decoration ideas you have to start with coming up with the general style of the wedding.

In case you would like to have a more formal wedding, then you should be thinking about exotic flowers that would mesmerize people. Although these are more expensive than the other flowers they also have the advantage of lasting longer.

The common exotic flowers to use include hibiscus, ibycus, helicnonya and passion flower. If you would like the entire wedding to have this exotic feeling, you should also include exotic fruits or plants. Consider achiote, cacao pods, plum torch or cherry torch.

Another wedding decoration idea includes the theme of sea world. In this case there are a lot of elements that could help you implement the theme, like tabletops and centerpieces. The elements to use include sea stars, sand, seafood, boats, oysters, marine elements, messages in a bottle and dolphins. Naturally the color theme should be blue and white.

The colors should also be considered to be wedding decorations in some way. Summer has a lot of symbols that represent it, like the blue of the ocean, the yellow of the sun and you also have the option of combining different motifs.

One of the most popular wedding decoration ideas is to include the use of sun flowers. There is nothing that would be more representative than this plant, and you could use it as the central decoration.

When it comes to centerpieces, there is no rule that you should use only flowers. A really good idea might be to place a bowl of water in the middle of the table and add some floating flowers to is, along with some floating candles. The colors that you should consider include the bright ones in case you like bold sights, but if the wedding is more formal then you could also go for the pastel colors that add a soft touch to the wedding.

The floating candles come in numerous different shapes, like flowers and butterflies. You should use the shapes that are the most suitable for the theme of the wedding.

The fruit candles are also a good idea and their advantage is that they also add a touch of color to the tables. These shapes are the most suitable in case of brunch or luncheon weddings.

An elegant touch could be added through crystal candlesticks. These are just perfect for the reception tables or to be used as centerpieces. The light will bounce off the crystal and it will add a magic touch to summer air of the wedding.



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