Wedding in the absence of flowers is like a garden without blooms, and the flowers are as important as other wedding essentials.

The wedding bouquet, in particular, which you carry on your big day, needs special attention and planning. The right wedding bouquet must complement your dress and at the same time should not detract.

A simple and elegant wedding bouquet is a great accessory to complement your gorgeous gown and smiling face. If a wedding bouquet is too flashy or showy, your dress may not receive the attention it deserves. However, that doesn’t mean that your bridal bouquet should be plain, white and boring.

Pretty Pink

This collection of 18 sweet and unique pink roses will be a hit with every bride. Give it to your bridesmaid or carry it with you throughout your big day.

The stems of the roses are completely covered and tied with pink satin ribbon, which will make your bouquet look more elegant and decent. [ via ]

Vibrant Fall

This vibrant flower bouquet is hand–tied with a wonderful combination of black magic red roses, mango mini callas, hypericum berries and circus roses. This amazing collection of flowers is especially suitable for a fall wedding.

Apart from the sweet smell of roses, it also adds an overall striking look to your big day. Choose colors that match your personal taste. [ via ]



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