buying flowersFor many different reasons some people have to create a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget.

Fortunately there are various ways that you can have the beauty of flowers without the exorbitant price tag.

Number one is buying flowers that are currently in season. These will be more readily available and often will cost a lot less.

Some flowers are available all year round for example roses and carnations.

Seasonal flowers also create the right atmosphere and are the colors appropriate to that particular time of year.

When choosing the location for the photographs consider parks or gardens which have their own natural beauty.

Borrow a piece of nature in the shape of the countryside instead of buying expensive displays that will be finished after the actual day.

The use of candles can be just as effective as flowers; a grouping of simple white candles can look perfect in a very simplistic way. Instead of an arrangement why not have single blooms; these can look stunning and effortless. [Flower Arrangements]

Avoid buying cut flowers and choose potted plants instead. These come in a selection of sizes and can be transplanted into the garden when the wedding is over.

Alternatively plants can be dug up from the ground and potted up to display at the reception venue. In the summer months flowering plants afford endless opportunities.

Source flowers at a wholesaler, a lot of companies are more than happy to deal directly with consumers and often the availability of flowers is much larger than at retail outlets.



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