In case you are thinking about royal wedding decorations, you should know that you have two main options: going for an elegant party or an informal wedding. Choose whichever you think is most suitable for your style and for the style of your partner.

Royal Wedding Decorations

Spacious decorations for royal wedding

In this case it is important for the room of the reception to look spacious, even if this means that you will have to remove some of the furniture. Get rid of everything that you don’t necessarily need. If there is a patio, you should decorate that as well, so it will look like it is a part of the room.


If you are looking for wedding decorations that are royal, you should make sure that you keep everything simple. The wedding shouldn’t turn into a regular party, so there is no need for favors. This is the time to show that you have class and have only the finest things at the wedding.


When it comes to the royal wedding decorations, you should use rich textures and colors. It is common for the couples to opt for two main colors to use and they stick to it.

For instance you could have white tablecloths and honeysuckle colored napkins. The candles and cushions should have the same color.


If you are going for less formal decoration ideas for royal wedding, you should know that bunting can be used for banners, ribbons and flags. You can use strips of this fabric to decorate the chairs at the wedding or the dance floor.


These royal wedding decorations are most suitable for the couples who wish to have fun at their wedding. To maintain a sophisticated look, you should stick to the pastel colors. When it comes to the centerpieces, you may add several balloons to vases so that they will form a bouquet.


A casual wedding is screaming for plastic tableware that you don’t have to wash afterwards. When thinking about the decorations of the royal wedding you may also consider the wedding favors that you will offer to the guests. For instance you might offer them the balloon centerpieces because there is nothing you can do with so many balloons anyway.

The good thing about the royal wedding decorations is that they allow you to have any style that you could think of, giving you freedom of choice.


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