Pale Escorts!

This awesome white bouquet gives a refreshing look to your wedding day. If you want to go green on your wedding, this bouquet perfectly suits to your wedding theme.

These beautiful pale escorts mainly include stephanotis and gardenia foliage to give a refreshing look to the bouquet. It also includes nerine lilies and also antique roses. Not only for green wedding theme, but it also goes well with spring [Spring Wedding] and fall wedding theme.

pale escorts

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Classic Color

This classic color bouquet is designed in traditional white. The fresh green leaves, which are kept as frame for the bouquet’s white beautiful blossoms, make the blossoms look even more refreshing.

You can have choice of flowers. Instead of hydrangeas, you can also add lilies or any other white blossoms that can give perfect look for your wedding. If you want to add classic color of white in your wedding, you can go for this kind of flower arrangement.

classic color

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