For most people, the mementos and gifts that the guests bring at their wedding are very important and special. Wedding mementos like wedding flowers are close to the heart of everyone and hence efforts must be made to preserve them.

But doing so can be a challenging task as preserving flowers is not so easy. The following are 6 of the most simple and easy ways to preserve your wedding flowers:

preserve your wedding flowers

  • The first way to preserve your wedding flowers is to secure the wedding flowers in a bundle by making use of a rubber band or a string.  Make sure you don’t tie the flowers too tightly as their stems may break.
  • Another way to preserve the wedding flowers for a few days is to hang the flowers in an upside down position.  You must find a place in the house which is out of reach of kids or pets as they might disturb the flowers or think of the flowers as a toy. These flowers must remain in the hanging position for atleast 2 to 3 weeks as this is the time that it will take to dry them completely.  Once they are completely dry, you can arrange them in a vase and put the vase somewhere where they are out of reach of children or pets.
  • Another way to preserve the wedding flowers is to keep them pressed using a heavy book like an encyclopedia.  This is a good way to keep them tucked away for years so that they can be looked at later in the future.
  • Another way of pressing flowers is by using newspaper. You can first put layer of newspapers, place your flowers over the layers and then cover them up with more layers of newspapers.  You can also place flowers in between different layers of newspaper, one on top of the other. Make sure you press this whole arrangement with a heavy book at the topmost level.
  • To make a bouquet out of the existing flowers, you will need to dry the flowers first and for this; you can even use a drying agent such as silica gel, sand or borax.
  • Another method of flower preservation is freeze-drying. This is a process for which you may either have to contact a professional or do it at home by learning from a floral shop or professional.

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