Since getting married is one of the most important moments of the lives of people, everything should be perfect for it, including the wedding ceremony decorations. Usually the first thing that the couples do is to reach an agreement upon the location of the wedding, and in the majority of the cases the location determines the theme of the wedding, influencing the kind of decorations that the couple will be looking for.

Traditional wedding ceremony decorations

In case you have decided to have a traditional wedding in a church, then you should choose the decorations for the wedding ceremony accordingly. In this case, everything should be kept at minimum. Even more, in case there is too much decoration, you could ruin the entire feeling and atmosphere of the wedding. Remember that the church is a place of worship, but this depends on the church.

Wedding Ceremony DecorationsThe most basic decorations for the wedding ceremony include candles, flowers, balloons, and some linen accessories.


In case of the altar you should be thinking about decorations consisting of pastel colored flowers. Even more, you could also decorate the end of the pew with garlands of flowers. A traditional idea is to have flower petals along the aisle, and it might be the job of the flower girls to scatter them.

To make the windowsills and doorways prettier, you could decorate them with small bouquets of flowers. One of the most popular decorations for the wedding ceremony is to have pew bows.

Archway and more

In case aren’t going to have your wedding at another location, you could prepare a floral archway for the guests to walk through as decoration for the wedding ceremony. It’s not only flowers that you could use, but also different materials, including tulle.

Also you could be thinking about different plants when you are considering wedding ceremony decorations, such as greenery and baby’s wreath, pine cones, berries or wine wreaths.

Go romantic

In case you would like to have a romantic wedding, this is easy to achieve with the help of the wedding ceremony decorations. As an example, instead of an aisle runner you could have someone throwing rose petals as the guests start to arrive. It has been mentioned before that you could be using candles, and this is a must if you are going for the romantic look. Think about floating candles and candelabras. You also have the option to allow the guests to light the candles on their own.

Unity candle

A really nice decoration for the wedding ceremony is to have a unity candle. The couple could light it together, and this would symbolize the unity of two people.

Guest book

Another really good idea is to have a guest book and a pen at the entry or to have one at each table so that the guests would be able to write their thoughts.

As you can see there is a lot to be thinking about when we are considering wedding ceremony decorations.



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