decorating stylesIn the midst of the joyful experience of joining your life to another, it is disconcertingly easy to fall into marital discord over issues of furniture and decor[wedding decoration].

When one person has strong feelings about design, their beloved often needs to be handled with care in the process of decorating the nuptial abode.

Follow our advice for getting the look you want and living happily ever after.

Choose your battles

This is good marital advice for the ages, but especially when merging furniture.

Let him keep his ratty recliner, or beloved sofa, but gently suggest it be recovered in a fabric of your choice. Respect his need for a space that reflects his taste as well as yours.

However, if he begins suggesting furniture that evokes office decor, put your foot down and remind him that a home should be a haven from the business world.

One recent newlywed permitted her husband’s hunting trophies in the house, but only in his office, where he can admire his dominion over the animal world in private.

Be selective, not secretive

Don’t ask for your spouse’s participation in every decision.

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