weddings lightingA wedding by candlelight can be romantic. But there is usually other lighting, even if you wed by candlelight.

When it comes to lighting, you may choose to use only the lighting at your wedding venue, or you may choose to add something different.

Candlelight is traditional, but you can add a more personal touch. Oil lamps can give a wonderful old fashioned feeling.

Banker’s lamps can add a really trendy feel. Perhaps you’re after something more whimsical, and envision lots of twinkling, white fairy lights.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, you can choose tiki torches, or maybe paper lanterns are more your taste. Imagine glowing luminaries lining the walkway to an evening wedding or reception.

Floating candles are a wonderful choice for reception tables. Or perhaps you would rather use LED candles, so you can avoid the additional heat and inconvenience of real candles.

Be sure to find out what kind of lighting is already available at your ceremony and reception site. Some lights can be repositioned, or there may be some you want to leave off. Your florist may also be able to provide some lights and accessories.

The point is that the lighting you choose can help you set the mood and theme for your wedding. There are plenty of choices that can make the lighting different and personalized, and most are inexpensive.



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