Wedding candles make for excellent decorative ideas; they add romance and a sense of warmth to the ambiance and are also extremely useful for nighttime and evening weddings.

Depending on the type of ceremony, there are many ways you can make use of this lovely decorative idea. They are also a very affordable décor that you can work with and incorporate into just about any wedding theme.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using wedding candles for your special day, and are highly-customizable as well. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and even scents.

Here are some ideas where you can incorporate wedding candles in your wedding:

  • Line the aisle with wedding candles contained in a hurricane box. When the bride walks down the aisle, this will give her a special glow and make the whole simple event even more beautiful.
  • During the reception, small wedding candles on the tables can be used to highlight centerpieces[wedding centerpieces]. Wedding candles can be used in many different ways as centerpieces, commonly paired with beautiful flowers. Common uses include candle-lit dinners, floating wedding candles in a bowl with flowers or petals, or small tea lights throughout the table. Large pillar-style candles add a dramatic effect, and are useful for lighting long, large tables.
  • Make your wedding cake truly unique by placing small candles on it. Ask your baker what styles of cake are ideal for this idea. If your cake will have several tiers, small candles on each tier would add a lovely touch and make the cake even prettier.
  • These also make for great party favors. Choose unique, scented wedding candles that the guests can take home with them and use afterwards. You can also ask your local candle-maker to engrave the bride and groom’s initials or monogram on the candle for an extra personalized touch.
  • Shop around for one-of-a-kind candle holders that can be used in various areas during the reception. You can even mix and match wedding candles to be used, which adds more spontaneity to the theme. Before purchasing, ensure that these are sturdy and durable enough to hold the candles throughout the night.
  • If your reception is going to be a poolside event, using floating candles is a great idea to add sparkle and a magical touch to the venue. Tea-lights and colorful gel candles in floating containers can also be used to add some color.
  • Having the bride and bridesmaid walk down the aisle with small narrow wedding candles together with the bouquet adds a dazzling effect to the ceremony. Be sure to find safe holders for it, and these can be easily blown out after the ceremony.
  • For outdoor receptions, wedding candles are a cost-effective way to light up the night. Hanging them in lanterns from trees add to the romance and sparkle of the evening, or having walkways lit with candles as well. Choose large and sturdy types of candles for the walkways.


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