wedding decorationFor a different but remarkable wedding decoration, ice sculptures can become the right way of enhancing certain aspects of a classical wedding.

The eye-catching idea of ice sculptures can be placed as a centerpiece as an alternative to chocolate fountains and floral decorations. Doves, swans, hearts can be suitable for the appropriate theme.

Also, other than table centerpieces, the ice may be used as bars. Champagne, fruit juice, or cocktail drinks flowing out of ice fountains would be a refreshing idea of an unconventional bar.

Other than these two alternatives, ice sculptures can be used as figurines located at different locations of the wedding space. The atmosphere of the ceremony changes with these sculptures and catches the attention of every guest.

Also the sculptures of every kind will be a good photo background, which helps entertain the guests more.

The sculptures can include carved names, dates or beautiful spectacularly engraved words. Also, the sculptures can be lightened up by doing no harm with different colors, so that the colors would reflect the lights and add to the romantic atmosphere making it magical.

Ice sculptures to fit the wedding theme will be a remarkable and unforgettable decoration which will be entertaining both for guests and the married couple.



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