wedding centerpiecesEvery wedding is distinctive in its own way.

So, all the elements related to wedding must be able to represent this sense of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Among these, wedding centerpieces are the most important and essential adornment of a wedding decoration.

Wedding centerpieces are the main center of attention and also attraction of your guests.

So, you must be very careful when you are going to select the wedding centerpieces. Select proper wedding centerpieces that surprise your guests.

Things you need to consider while selecting wedding centerpieces:

While selecting the centerpieces, size is the most important thing that you need to consider. It should not be too small so that it can be ignored. It should not be too large, as there won’t be enough space for other items on the table like cutlery, place cards, etc. The table can become cramped if the centerpiece is large.

The next thing you need to consider is height. You should be very careful while selecting the height of the centerpiece. If the centerpiece you are going to choose is something like a thin and beautiful candle, then the height doesn’t matter.

If the wedding centerpieces you are going to choose are a floral arrangement, then you need to ensure that it must be short enough so that the guests can see each other over the arrangement [Wedding flowers].

The other thing you need to consider is your budget. It is the thing that determines the wedding centerpiece you choose. The centerpieces can be very affordable or very extravagant; it is totally up to you to choose how much you want to spend.

A great idea to choose wedding centerpieces is, choose the ones that can also act as wedding party favors. This lets you to combine your budget for wedding party favors and centerpieces.

Options for selecting wedding centerpieces:

1. Floral arrangements is the most common and traditional option for wedding centerpieces. Get mason jars and cover the outside of a jar with pastel tissue paper and tie it with a tight ribbon. Put the flowers in the jar. Fill half of the jar with some rocks so that flowers reside in place. Finally you will have a great centerpiece.

2. Everyone likes beach arrangements. Decorate the table by filling various sizes of vases with beach sand and seashells. If you want to put something adventurous, get some food coloring and make the sand of different colors.

3. Floating candles is also a best choice for wedding centerpiece. Get Pyrex or any other heat resistant bowl and fill it with water. Put the floating candles in every bowl and throw in a few gardenia blossoms. You can also include few drops of coloring in each bowl and finally you will have a gorgeous centerpiece.

4. Tabletop fountains also acts as exotic wedding centerpieces. Put some votive candles round the fountain so that it gives an exotic feel.

5. Keep rose petals floating in a crystal bowl which is full of water. If your wedding is at night, then put some floating candles around the bowl. Not only roses give romance to the atmosphere, but their fragrance will also enhance the entire wedding decoration.

6. Get wicker baskets as they are cheap and easy to find.

These ideas are very helpful for creating the stunning wedding centerpieces.



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