Wedding bouquets are the ultimate finishing touch to the ceremony and they offer a sense of style.

There are four different styles of wedding bouquets. The style which most suits you will depend on, which satisfies your needs.

Various wedding bouquet trends:

Cascade bouquet:

Cascade bouquetThis is one of the main types of wedding bouquets. Cascade wedding bouquets feature flowers that slide down below the main segment of the bouquet design.

There are more flowers located at the top of the bouquet and there are fewer flowers that descend downward.

Mainly the bouquet consists of lot of greeneries and this makes it to appear as natural as possible.

Usually, this bouquet comes with only one type of flowers, but if you want, you can make it with various types of flowers.

Hand-tied bouquet:Hand tied bouquet

This casual type of bouquet is made with flowers tied together with a ribbon and revealed stems.

Hand-tied wedding bouquets have more casual look.

These bouquets are perfect for garden weddings.

Also, they are perfect for the brides who like the feeling of an unarranged gathering of flowers.

Contemporary bouquet:

contemporary bouquetBasically these wedding bouquets are designed with unconventional ideas, patterns and styles.

These bouquets have no specific geometric shape. Usually, these are made with the flowers that have particular form and add character to the bouquet.

These wedding bouquets represent the individuality of the bride.

These are perfect for a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style wedding.

They are simple but have the extra beauty of irregular design.

Round bouquet:

Round bouquetThis bouquet is round in shape.

This bouquet has less greenery but has more flowers.

It consists of different verities of flowers.

The important thing you need to consider include: The color scheme.

It should balance with the appearance and beautiful look of the bouquet.

How to choose the right wedding bouquets style?

Deciding which bouquet suits you best can be very difficult. It will be based on various factors. The main factor in selecting the wedding bouquets will depend on your body image.

If you are searching for a bouquet in which you look slim, then you can go for cascade style. If you want to look taller, you can choose round bouquet.

The type of wedding also plays a great role in selecting your wedding bouquet. If your marriage is in a church, then don’t go for casual hand-tied bouquet. Go for cascade or round styles.

If your marriage is in garden, then choose a hand-tied bouquet as this can add a nice touch to the ceremony. So, based on the style of your wedding dress and ceremony, you can select the beautiful wedding bouquets.

Choose the bouquet that makes you look perfect. Also, consider the type of wedding and season before going to choose the wedding bouquets.



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