Planning a wedding can be stressful but fun. Whether you are the one getting married or you are doing it for someone else, creativity always claims the overall result of design and ideas. One of the things you need to pay attention very well on weddings is the wedding centerpiece ideas.

Traditional wedding centerpiece ideas

1. Flower centerpieces

wedding centerpiece ideasFlower centerpiece comes from seasonal flowers combined with other materials to create the glow of the wedding table.

Some choose to import special kinds of flowers, something that are seasonal and unique to provide the best centerpiece on your special day.

  • Choosing a flower for your centerpiece will depend on your motif. Wedding centerpiece ideas such as flowers can be easily acquired if you’re sure of what kind you really like.
  • Containers: Vases to put flowers for your centerpiece should also be considered. Have something that is sturdy and can hold the whole flower arrangement in a steady manner.
  • Flowers can stand alone as a centerpiece, but it can be a great idea mixing it with something different such as seasonal wedding centerpieces.
  • Work with a florist. If you think flower arrangement can take up all your time, try working with a florist. A florist can combine flowers with different materials without wasting some of the materials.

2. Candle centerpieces

Wedding centerpiece ideas such as candles can come on various shapes, colors and sizes. They can even be slightly scented and it adds up to a romantic mood during the wedding.

  • Floating candle centerpiece: This centerpiece idea can either look like plain floating candles or small sets of drift candles, carved or designed to fill several small candles in one low cut jar.
  • Tapered candle is a long slender wax coated wick that will gradually and softly melts during the time.
  • A pillar is most common candle centerpiece that is used these days. To make these wedding centerpiece ideas a little exciting, try decorating the pillar of candles, normally in three sets with a ribbon or flower on their base. Make sure that they match the color motif of your wedding.

Wedding centerpiece ideas should not be a problem if you have a creative mind. Take for example some weddings that chose to put mini wedding cakes to each tables for the attendees to cut cake the same time as they do. Another exciting and unique idea is a replica of a landmark on some of the places they visited.

3. Seasonal wedding centerpiece ideas

Seasonal wedding centerpiece ideas can also give uniqueness and beauty to the occasion. Great ideas can come up every now and then; you just have to be very observant and creative. Some of the seasonal wedding centerpiece ideas include:

  • Fall wedding
  • Winter or Christmas wedding
  • Summer wedding
  • Spring wedding

Choose a thing that you see often during these times and create an idea on how you can incorporate them to your wedding centerpiece ideas. Do not be afraid to try new ideas. Explore and bring out your creative ideas on this special event.



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