Are you still trying to figure out how to decorate your wedding venue for the big day? It is interesting how you can use paper, a little fabric and other inexpensive things to decorate your wedding venue elegantly. If minimalism is your style and you wish to have a reasonably private reception and celebration then you can personalise it in your own way, within your budget.

Here are 5 easy ideas for decorating your wedding venue

1. Patterned Pillows And Jam Jars

If you want to have a rustic-glam barn type of wedding, then you should choose patterned pillows for the lounge area. You can rent some furniture. If you already have pillows then you can simply purchase patterned pillow covers. IKEA style covers are a good choice. You can also use rustic jam jars to decorate your venue. Mason jars filled with small posies or pew ends of lavender. Instead of pew end you can use small bunches of lavender blooms or gypsophila. Gypsophila sprays are available at a very affordable price. You can purchase plenty of it for very little.

5 Easy Decorations for Your Big Day that You Can Do Yourself

2. Mini Buckets of Hydrangeas

Simple mini buckets with hooks in either cream or zinc are available at a cheaper rate. You can put the hydrangea blooms in each of them and decorate your wedding reception venue. Another great idea is that you can suspend artificial potted flowers a few feet above the dinner tables. Add some sparkle to it.

3. Hurricane Lanterns With Scented Rose Petals

Glass hurricane lanterns are inexpensive and are easily available in department and online stores. It is better to choose the ones which are 15 to 20 centimetres high so that they don’t block the view of the guests on the table. Just before the guests arrive at the reception venue put in the candles and sprinkle water together with fresh rose petals. Then light the candles. Nowadays you can also find rose-scented water available at an affordable price.

4. Make Escort Card Displays

Instead of hiring people to escort guests to their seats or order printed escort cards, you can use boards with bulletins on it. You can use paper designed cards or leaflets as bulletins with the guest name and table number written on it. Place the bulletin board at the entrance to the venue. Instead of ordering printed menus and escort cards, you can design it with calligraphy. There are different scripting styles for every kind of occasion. Access the internet to find the suitable design. You can hire young students from college art departments who are interested otherwise you can do it yourself by watching tutorials.

5. Use Chalkboards

You can use chalkboards to decorate entrance to the reception venue or to the cocktail bar. Thrift an old frame or spray paint a wooden frame to match it up with the decorations . Personalize the board as you like with flowers, greenery or other decors and then use the chalk to write and design.


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