The most significant concern in a church wedding is the decoration of the church itself and primarily when it comes to decorating the pews.

The general festive atmosphere in the church will be achieved from a well decorated setting, which will propel the bride, bridegroom and guests into an enchanted atmosphere, something to remember for years to come.

The great advantage in decorating the pews is that you can choose from a trendy and modern theme or you may stick to a more traditional one, which ever you choose will assure a refined and romantic look to your wedding.

The first step to take is to decide the number of pews you are planning to decorate, couples usually prefer to stick to the first five or six, which are the pews reserved for the families of the bride and bridegroom.

It is important that the decoration should match the style of the church in that what may be suitable for a very modern building may not be so attractive in an ancient church.

There are many possibilities and different decorative ideas for the embellishment of pews. You may choose to decorate them using particular themes or traditional finishing touches; there are so many creative ideas to choose from, which can be quite affordable for a wedding budget.



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