church pewsYou can of course choose classical and inexpensive material for the embellishment of the pews, such as tulle; this kind of decorative material is very popular and you will achieve a breathtaking effect with little expense.

Candles can also be used to create a more romantic atmosphere; this is an original idea rendering a wedding even more exclusive.

Flowers are a must at weddings, for the lovely aroma they diffuse in the church and the colourful and cheerful effect they diffuse in the usually sombre churches.

Think of creating colourful bouquets embellished with satin ribbons and stick to a colour theme, these bouquets can be arranged at the end of each pew.

Potted plants are also frequently used and are an economical choice, arrange these under the altar at the entrance and along the nave of the church, hurricane lamps or torches can also be placed along the pews which will transform the setting into a truly unique one.

To create an elegant setting stick to the classic bows and fabric drapes or for a cheerier atmosphere add colourful balloons, it will give your wedding a festive mood.

For a finishing touch attach pretty baskets at the end of the pews filled with petals, at the end of the ceremony guests can delve into these and throw them over the married couple as they leave the church.



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