wedding flowersA wedding cannot be considered fitting without flowers, the difficulty lies in the wide choice you may be faced with and the costs involved.

There are so many flower arrangement solutions to choose from and numerous purposes for flowers during a wedding to consider, that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start.

Before you proceed, consider the costs; these will vary according to the intricacy of the flower arrangements, the magnitude of the wedding party and the type of flowers you will be choosing.

For tighter budgets choose amongst roses, carnations, lavender and daisies, while the more expensive flowers will be gardenias, orchids, magnolias and peonies. In general, if you choose flowers that are in season, they will be fresher and less expensive.

The flower bouquets for the bridesmaids can be re-dimensioned as can the decoration of the reception tables, using seasonal flowers or rose petals as an alternative to the central flower arrangements.

Color schemes are now evolving from the traditional pale colors; the flower colours can range from white to bright reds.

Other alternative decorations are also becoming fashionable, such as fruit, grasses, herbs and garlands, giving a more natural setting to churches and receptions.

A wedding flower workbook can be of great utility when planning flowers for a wedding; this allows the bride to note down all the ideas, styles, costs and colors in order to be able to make a final objective decision.



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