The wedding isn’t just a matter of tradition and should be a matter of your personal views on it.

In case you are wondering about the flowers from your wedding day, here are some tips how to choose your bridal bouquet.

In case you are willing to choose something different than the traditional bouquet, the cascading flowers are also perfect idea. The experts are advising you to consider the cascading wedding flowers as two bouquets in one.

wedding bouquet 1

Typically the cascading bridal bouquets are made out of small delicate flowers, but recently in the trend are also bouquets that contain large flowers in the both areas of the bouquet.

Consider visiting a specialist or a florist that will help you choose the best flowers to match your wedding style.

No matter what kind of bouquet you are choosing, it should match the wedding theme, but make sure it doesn’t match the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

wedding bouquet 2

It should be different and bigger. Usually the cascading flowers can fit into the seasonal theme or a color scheme.

The traditional greenery for the cascading bouquet is rose greenery. On the other hand, roses are usually the main flowers in the common wedding bouquets. In case you want to follow the wedding traditions, choose rose greenery for the cascading bouquet and white roses for the typical wedding bouquet.

wedding bouquet 3(Image Credit: creature comforts)

Gardenia leaves are also very good idea for the cascading flower bouquets, for they are shiny and fit the upper part of the bouquet.

Smilax is also an option to consider mostly because it lasts a bit longer compared to the other greeneries.

In case you want to insert more fragrance to your bouquet, then go for fragrant cascading bridal flowers such as roses, lilies, hyacinths, gardenia, lilacs and freesias as you combine them in a same color scheme.

wedding bouquet 4

White and pastel are the typical color palette, but you can go for more color, especially in the center of the bouquet by adding only one darker flower. In case you want to choose a traditional wedding bouquet and not cascading flowers, there are also thousands of options.

wedding bouquet 5

Recently very modern are the wedding bouquets that are created with orange lilies and white roses. You can also choose tulips, Calla Lilies and orange roses.

Go for fall shades, for they are unusual and yet they follow the wedding etiquette. Combine flowers from a pale orange palette to a golden hue as you consider the yellow roses as central flowers on your wedding bouquets.



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