If you buy high quality carpets, most probably you are making a big investment and you might want to ensure that it will be a long lasting one. If you don’t want to spend on professional cleaning, there are some tips that you can use on your own.

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In order to extend the life of the carpet the best thing you could do is to vacuum. This is a cheap method of removing the grit from the carpet that will make it look worn with time. The more often you vacuum the carpet, the longer it will last.

A Good Vacuum

To make the carpet last you will have to make another investment: you have to buy a good vacuum. This has to have enough power to be able to remove the grit from the carpet and not only the debris from the surface. This is why you might want to spend a bit more on a good vacuum.

The Padding

If you buy a new carpet, you should also change the padding. There are different kinds of padding for different kinds of carpets. A new padding can reduce the stretch, dips, footprints, and sags. All in all, the new padding will extend the life span of the carpet.

Cleaning the Carpet

Besides vacuuming, you also have to clean the carpet at least on a yearly basis. If the carpet is located in a high traffic area, you might want to clean it more often. Cleaning will remove the debris, grime, stains, and oily residue. When cleaning you have to make sure that you don’t use products that leave a residue because it will attract dirt.

The Shoes go Off

You should make sure that everybody takes their shoes off before entering the room. Even if the soles look clean, they can have oily substances and fine particles that can damage the carpet. If you buy a carpet from a specialty store, like Carpet Runners UK, the salesperson will tell you all about this.

Bare Feet

It is interesting to know that bare feet are just as damaging for carpets as the soles of your shoes. This is because the feet have an oil film that can leave residue on the carpet which in turn attracts dirt and ages the carpet. This means that you will have to wear socks at all times.

There is a lot more to know about the maintenance of high quality carpets.

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