flower arrangementUsing flowers that are readily available is a great money saver because importing them will cost you a fortune.

Chances are high that by the time you get the flowers they will be bruised and wilting, rather get fresh and affordable ones.

Flowers that are in season will be in abundance and this will lower their price as they are readily available.

Use a florist that you are familiar with. This will give you more room to bargain. With someone that you know, you can even be totally honest about your budget. The florist as a professional will know the best thrifty tricks and may even advise you on which flowers are the most affordable.

The flowers that he recommends for you should still suit your wedding theme and décor. There is no point in getting lots of flowers at the expense of your wedding décor. If you or any guests have allergies to any flowers, then it is advisable that you alert your florist immediately.

This will save you discomfort at your wedding or even disturbances should the allergy be severe. Try not to be difficult and give them enough space to make miracles happen for your wedding.

Less décor is needed after highly decorated holidays such as Christmas or even Easter holidays. Scheduling your wedding for sometime close to these holidays will save you décor troubles especially if you hold the wedding in a church.

Although most people find it romantic to get married in February, it is not practical. This is so because February is the month when most florists are looking to make a killing because of Valentine’s Day.

Flower nurseries and botanical gardens are also great venues that will save you money on flowers. Both venues already have flowers, so there will be no need for more flowers. The only problem is that you cannot filter out flowers that you either hate or are allergic to. To curb this, it is best to inform your guests of the venue before the actual wedding so that precautionary measures are taken in due time.

Flower arrangements for the altar will be placed too far for the guests to appreciate the intricate details so instead of buying fresh flowers rather use artificial flowers or even little flowers that are cheaper such as carnations or even flowers that are large. Large flowers will fill up space and you will require less of them.



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