floral arrangementIt’s not always a necessity for you to hire or buy floral decorations that have been already arranged.

It will be fun to arrange your own flowers at your own wedding.

It’s simple and interesting and it draws out the creativity in you.

Here are some tips for you to use when arranging your own stylish flower decorations for your wedding.

For your wedding ceremony, a combination of large faux plants and artificial trees is great as part of your floral decoration. Particularly if you are hosting outdoor weddings, this floral arrangement will look great.

Some flower shops have ready made faux flower arrangements and artificial trees. This is so convenient if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

Combine cream or white flowers, of both large and small sized flowers that have blossomed. Add a touch of greenery and place this beautiful arrangement in a very low or shallow glass container. This will look pretty on your wedding table as centerpieces.

The right wedding color combinations can also make a stylish floral arrangement for your wedding. There is nothing wrong with a single color floral arrangement but if you want to add a bit of pizzazz in your décor then combine the different colors.

Try a mixture of orange, brown, purple, yellow, red and white flowers in one group. This color combination will be perfect for autumn/fall weddings.

However do arrange colors that are in definite contrast with your color scheme. Otherwise, play around with the right shades and colors and you will get a ‘wow’ effect from your flower display.

You can also base the idea of your floral arrangements on the season or holiday you are going to wed. For example, if the wedding is around the popular Halloween season, you can use floral cornucopias as your table centerpieces and combine pink and burgundy as your main colors.

Don’t limit yourself to only one type or size of flowers per group. Mix daffodils with daisies or rose stems with ranunculus stems and so on. These need not be fresh flowers throughout the display.

You can mix fresh flowers with artificial flowers if you prefer. The artificial may help accentuate the bloom of the fresh flower.

Where you are going to place and display your floral decorations also counts a lot in getting the most out of your flower arrangements. It’s easy and you will have fun in the process.



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