Centerpieces will be the main attraction for your wedding table decoration. The selection of centerpieces is mainly influenced with the linens and the size of wedding table.

There are wide varieties of options available for you to choose centerpieces such as floral arrangements, crystal bowl filled with petals or candles and many more.

So, choose a better centerpiece that goes well with your taste and wedding theme.

Crystal Heart Bouquet Jewelry!

Crystal heart bouquet is the latest trend in wedding centerpieces. Depending on your wedding theme, such as spring, garden, rose fall and many more, you can add your favorite flowers in this centerpiece. You can decorate it easily according to your taste and wish.

It is sold in the set of six and you can have your own pick of crystals. Each crystal heart is attached to a 10 inch long silver plated pick.

crystal heart bouquet jewelry

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Personalized Heart with Vase!

Add a punch of freshness to your wedding with this vase that includes personalized heart on it. You can put your favorite flowers in it and can personalize it with your own note or you can mention your own name.

This personalized vase definitely reflects your personal style and you can decorate it with candles and flowers around it.

personalized heart with vase

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