Using creative decorations for your wedding party will show them the original and the creative part of you.

While most wedding table centerpieces use tiny flowers, for this special occasion you might want to try something big. You could put the entire tree on your table, and it’s surely unexpected by your guests.

Of course placing a huge tree is not a good idea but using various tiny beautiful trees in bloom may for sure make a distinctive note. Ask your florist about some recommendations but keep in mind the baby rose trees, azalea and jasmine are mostly suited for a spring-summer wedding and trying to get them in winter could turn out pretty expensive.

Since the tables are usually round, please make sure that your guests won’t feel disturbed with the presence of the centerpiece. It will be better if the centerpiece would be not very tall so the guests would see one another and not have to play “hide and seek” to carry a conversation.

If you are bored with the idea of using flowers, it’s time to replace them with fruit box. You can go for a miniature version of a volcano crate made of oranges, or even use a wooden box of green apples.

If you want to try something useful, serve the fruits that are suitable with the main course foods so guests could enjoy those centerpieces after they finished the meal. This kind of centerpieces is not only extraordinary but it is also very affordable and inexpensive.

Besides unusual flowers and fruits, you could try something unusual like a fountain. It could be a water fountain, or it could be a chocolate fountain.

Add some marshmallows as the dessert and the guests will enjoy themselves using the chocolate fountain to get that delicious coating. Don’t forget to prepare a lot of tissues or napkins as it will turn out a little messy if there are kids among your guests.

Of course you could stick to the basic idea of a water fountain. This fountain will give the guests the relaxing sound of sparkling water while they are enjoying the meals.

They will feel the outdoor sensation even though you have your wedding party inside of a building. You could also add some tiny colorful fishes to make the water fountain look alive.

There are lots of unique ideas to make your wedding table centerpiece be the most original one, but you must also think about your wedding theme.

So, try to find the most interesting ideas to transform your table centerpieces and make them become something interesting and appealing, but in the same time make sure it blends with the theme of your perfect wedding.

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