Your wedding bouquet will always be the significant sign of your wedding. There are plenty of bouquets for that important day, but even in them there is a fashion signature that comes as a must.

wedding bouquetsNow on the spot lights stand the artificial bouquets, which keep your wedding spirit for a life-time. If you think artificial variations of wedding flowers are not as good as the real ones, you need to take a look at the wedding bouquet set by the “Real touch” andFloramatique”.

Real touchThe “Real-touch” wedding flowers offers maximum quality and imitate the softness and delicacy of the real flowers. This permanent bouquet gives the opportunity to those who loves fresh flowers to feel something equally beautiful.

FloramatiqueFloramatique” type is a full wedding set with super quality, which last unlimited period of time and is known as the perfect imitation of the silk flowers, typical for weddings. Lately the artificial wedding bouquets show no difference next to real flowers and last forever.

The bonus is that they are offered with flower accessories for bride’s hair and groom’s boutonniere.



  1. yes,i agree that wedding bouquet will always be the significant sign of wedding.Great information and pictures as well.


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