bridal bouquetIn an effort to cut costs it is becoming more common and much more frequent that bride and groom couples are cutting corners and having much less conventional weddings than ever before.

For example it is becoming completely customary to have the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same venue.

Mid-afternoon and late-evening wedding ceremonies are becoming more common as well as these time frames allow the engaged couple to concentrate their money and budget on other areas besides a full meal for their guests.

Another area to cut costs is with the flowers, corsages and boutonnieres in a wedding ceremony. It is not unheard of to do away with corsages and boutonnieres.

However word to the wise; it very much makes the parents and grandparents of the couple happy to be recognized by their child or grandchild as well as to have the glory of wearing that corsage so everyone else at the ceremony knows who they are.

Many brides are opting for a single flower instead of a bridal bouquet and many brides are opting for fewer bridesmaids if any, at all. It is extremely common for bridesmaids to carry just one flower as well.



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