There are many ideas for pew decoration and all of them surely contain flowers, but if you are planning a wedding on a budget, then you can find different and cheap pew decoration. The church surely has decoration from previous weddings and you can use them too.

Anyhow, there are other decorations too. Pew flower that are tied with ribbons is also a good idea. There is also simple decoration with ribbon. You can use floristry ribbon made as a decorative bow; it will also create a wedding atmosphere into the church.

pew decoration 1

In case the church is grand and beautiful, there is no need to add too much decoration. Many wedding experts simply add white roses, when the churches are big.

Others go for flower combination with decorative elements and lace. Pew decorations are those that crate the final touch in the wedding décor.

pew decoration 2

Wreaths are very common for the wedding decoration, but there are certain types of wreaths, which differs and create an unforgettable wedding ambient. Those are the floral hydrangea wreaths.

pew decoration 3

Go for blue hydrangeas and create a frame from them as you add your initials at the center of the wreath. You can add them to trees or on the doors, but it is very proper for outdoor weddings. You can do it with all kind of colors, but make sure it creates a certain contrast.

The Ceremony arch is a key piece, when it comes to beautiful altar ideas. Therefore you can take this idea as a perfect Altair – use a tree as an arch. The garden weddings usually are all about natural decoration, but you can use the tree as an arch for all kind of weddings.

pew decoration 4

The right flowers for the altar and the arch are clusters of lily, Bradford pear branches and roses, but you can of course arrange your favorite flowers and trees so to create a natural decoration for your wedding day.

The typical aisles are simply white, but if you want something different, just go for rose petal-covered aisle. It is stunning, stylish and extremely romantic; moreover it is really different from the stereotypical aisles.

pew decoration 5

Combine with floating candles and choose rose petals in pink and yellow shades. This will create an incredible ambient, just make sure the petals of the roses are fresh; otherwise they will fade by the time you step on the aisle.



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