The fear of a lot of couples who want to get married today have all sorts of subconscious fears, and one of them is the expense they will have to spend on for their wedding decoration.

With the rise in cost and services, there is no doubt that those necessities needed for a memorable wedding will not be spared, although, one thing is for certain; there is always a way around such costs which need to be shelled out.

There is no question about it, couples need their wedding decoration as it plays a vital role in a wedding.

It gives life to the ceremony itself, and it beautifies the surroundings not only for the bride and groom, but also for their family and friends.

Weddings are always a day that should always be remembered since it seals the unity of both the bride and the groom.

There are a lot of ways to save on money and work well within the budget set aside by the beloved couple. Simplicity is the key element that needs to be established in every detail of the wedding decoration.

Perhaps a decision on the finality of the wedding theme would be a start for them to plan on how their wedding decoration should be.

For those who want to save on wedding decoration costs, here are some simple tips that could be done to keep the wedding simple yet memorable at the same time:

1. Ambiance table lighting

    Weddings do not exactly need to have superior lighting complete with high-powered lamps. The wedding decoration may prove to be very expensive since it would be like hiring a whole production team just for the lighting itself.

    Instead, couples can opt to use simple lighting such as the use of ambiance candles lit inside glass bowls which could be scattered and placed on each table in the reception area.

    2. Guest table outlining

      Simple wedding decoration lights similar to those used for Christmas trees could be used to add more design to guest tables as it need not be too dark that guests will not be able to see what they are eating.

      3. Table decorations

        These wedding decorations would vary depending on the wedding theme the couple has chosen to follow. For example, if the theme leans more towards a more tropical beach in nature perhaps using hand picked shells of all sizes and colors could be used and scattered among the guest tables.

        4. Flower decorations

          This wedding decoration gives a vibrant feel to the wedding and reception itself. Flowers should always be present, and take note that there is no wedding that did not use flowers at all. This wedding decoration also varies depending on the wedding theme, but it does not mean it has to be expensive.

          You may cut costs by purchasing cheap flowers from your local florist and avail of good discounts. If the resource is abundant, you may also use hand picked flowers to use on the guest tables.

          5. Recycle

            Wedding decoration need not be brand new. You can still make use of your sister’s wedding decoration without everybody knowing about it. Simply make some touch ups, change the color, or redecorate to fit your motif.


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