When you are planning for your wedding, always remember, simple wedding decorations will be better and also best option to make the event fabulous.

Particularly, the bride and groom are the stars of the event, so nothing should upstage the couple on their big day of life.

Simple wedding decorations doesn’t essentially mean to be plain, rather it can be exquisite and also stylish.

Depending on your wedding theme and location, you can have different options to make your wedding simple yet fabulous. If you are confused how to make your wedding effortless yet awesome and elegant, here are few ideas for you.

1. Colors!

Don’t use too many colors for your wedding decorations that give shabby look over all. Always be particular about your wedding theme and also about the colors that you want to use in your wedding decorations. You can go for any trendy colors such as yellow, blue, orange or silver or even you can pick your favorite color for your wedding theme.

2. Flowers are obvious!

Without flowers and flower arrangement, your wedding can be boring and dull. So, flowers are very crucial in wedding and they are considered as most important and essential part of wedding decorations.

You can arrange flowers in vases and they can be attached to the seat coverings and also at the ends of the rows of seats.

Flower arrangements can be endless, wherever you arrange them they’ll add good look to that particular place. If you want to give extra charm, beauty and feel to your wedding, you can use fragrant flowers.

3. Fruits for decorating wedding tables!

You can mix it up little by choosing any certain combination of fruits along with other fruits and nuts. Arrange them in clear dishes or vases and place them on the wedding tables.

Choose colorful fruits such as apples, pears, plums, limes, figs and nuts like walnuts with shells. You can also place cranberries in water at different stages of freezing process, so that they seem to float in vases.

4. Candles to give warm glow!

Candles are wonderful choices for wedding decoration. You can choose different colors of candles that coordinate with the colors of flowers and fruits. Use candle holders to compliment the candles and flowers.

These are certain simple ideas that can hopefully help you to make your wedding simple yet fabulous.



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