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Everyone knows that table centerpieces set the stage for fabulous wedding receptions. You want yours to be spectacular and unique, right? Then wow your guests with these stunning wedding centerpiece ideas at your garden wedding this summer. It’ll be a wedding few will want to miss, and an event everyone will remember for a long time to come.

10 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

1. Moroccan Lantern

One of the wedding centerpiece ideas, adorn your garden wedding table with these romantic, Mediterranean-styled lanterns that imbue feelings of sand. Add a sprig of flowers or some beautiful ribbon for a splash of color and fill with tea lights that twinkle in the moonlit garden setting.

wedding centerpiece ideas

Then send the lanterns home with your guests as a souvenir for the day.

2. Recycled Glass Vase With Organic Flowers

Bring elegance and modern style to your garden wedding with a centerpiece made of green items like this recycled glass vase and organic flowers set together in a unique arrangement.

wedding centerpiece ideas

This centerpiece uses calla lilies of a bright orange hue and simple beach stones. This is one of the beautiful wedding centerpiece ideas.

3. Herb-Inspired Centerpieces

Bring a touch of the kitchen garden to your outdoor spring wedding with these charming wedding centerpiece ideas. You could choose to serve up a potted herb in a clay container (hand-painted by you or just as you buy them from the store) for each of your guests.

wedding centerpiece ideas

Or fill a vintage watering can with garden flowers for each table.

4. Glass Photo Vase

Remind people of the reason for the occasion with a glass photo vase fitted with images of you and your sweetheart. Fill the vase portion with your chosen wedding flowers and then sit the centerpiece on top of a cushion for an extra flair.

wedding centerpiece ideas

Give these vases to your wedding party guests and closest family members as a memento.

5. Edible Fruit And Cheese Centerpiece

Give your guests something to snack on when they first arrive with one of this practical fruit and cheese filled centerpieces.

wedding centerpiece ideas

You can also choose from options like the Apple Berry, the Triple Chocolate, and the Party Platter depending on your tastes and color interests.

6. Tall Floral Centerpiece

Create a soaring, eye-catching centerpiece with a long candlestick style arrangement dripping with greenery. Fill it with flowers in your color choice and preferred blossom and you’ll be sure to wow your guests.

wedding centerpieces

These are great for dinners as they allow guests to see each other and converse freely without distraction from a large centerpiece.

7. Greenery Centerpiece

Put together a centerpiece that will please everyone with this greenery inspired option. Arrange separately-potted green plants and flower plants in the center of the table with varying heights and styles of foliage.

wedding centerpieces

Then invite guests to select one of the plants to take home with them. It’ll be a conversation starter for sure.

8. Individual Centerpieces Inspired By Tea

Rather than one large centerpiece, give each individual guest a focal point with a small item like a tiny triangle of tea or a box of gourmet coffee beans.

table centerpieces

Making it pretty and unique will bring elegance and a personal touch.

9. Invitations In Bottles

If your wedding will be at the beach, consider preparing individual messages in the bottle and arranging them together in an interesting, collective centerpiece.

table centerpieces

Have each bottle engraved with your information and then fill each bottle with potpourri, sand, and a message from you.

10. Pebbles And Bubbles

Be creative by using water, pebbles, and glass bubbles in a unique centerpiece like this one.

centerpieces for weddings

Fill a low, flat vase with water and stones, then gather together some hand-blown glass bubbles and float them on the water along with some tea lights and flowers. Stunning!

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