1. Romantic Paperwork

The romantic paperwork as a centerpiece is perhaps one of the most interesting ideas. It isn’t traditional and it doesn’t include any flowers, but it is still a super idea for brides with artistic spirit. You can go for different paperwork, but make sure the colors are smooth and in the natural palette.


2. Smooth Stones

Rocks and stones are one of the cheapest options for wedding centerpieces; moreover they are modern and different. Combined with candles, they really can bring the nature at your table. Go for white rocks and stones, for they are a symbol of a strength love and marriage.

smooth stones

3. Vintage Twigs

Vintage means modern, especially if it is done in style. Go for origami flowers and decorative sticks. The colors are expressive and fit perfectly weddings in contemporary style.

vintage twigs

4. Colorful Fall Leaves

In case you are planning an autumn wedding, this is the right centerpiece for you. Go for vase, filled with leaves and surrounded by candles. It is romantic and creative, so don’t miss out to be different for your wedding day.

colorful fall leaves

5. Bohemian Details

This is a centerpiece, which is entirely made for country weddings or weddings in the garden. Make sure the little vases are matching the colors of the walls or the basic wedding color, but the neutral colors are those that open a bohemian ambient to your wedding.

bohemian details

6. Candy Colored Candles

Candles are must have for any wedding, but the candy colored wedding candles are just a way to tell your fairytale love-story. Combine different colored candles and bring them together as you don’t follow any order.

candy colored candles

7. Ribbons And Assorted Fruit

Surely a classy centerpiece, the ribbons combine with assorted fruits are for lavish weddings. You can do the same with strawberries or all kind of fruits.

ribbons & assorted fruit

8. Coral And Seashells

Corals are the latest hit, when it comes to wedding centerpieces. They are also a different colorful decision and can be combined with seashells. It is the perfect centerpiece for beach weddings or weddings linked to the marine pattern.

coral & seashells

9. Books And Candies … And Candles

This is surely a centerpiece that differs a lot from what we have seen. Books placed as a centerpiece are surely a perfect idea. You can place your favorite books on each table and frame them with your favorite quote. The surrounding details can be candies and of course candles.

books & candies

10. All In White Plaster Fruit

Plastic fruits and fine glass, but all in white – this is the perfect centerpiece for traditional weddings. The centerpiece is original and moreover, cheap. You can also do it with vegetables, but with fruits it stays fresher and symbolizes harmony and health.

white plaster fruit



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