Personalized holiday chocolate coins

When you want to serve your wedding guests with some yummier treats these holidays, chocolate coins are absolutely perfect choice. You can either arrange them as treats on wedding table or you can use them as favors of your wedding.

The front side of the chocolate coin will be embossed with your choice of image and the back of the coin will be personalized with the names of wedding couple.

You will have choice of 7 foil colors, silver, green, gold, red, pink, copper, blue. You can choose the color according to your taste and theme of wedding. [ via ]

Holiday cookies

These delicious and yummy treats can be offered to your wedding guests on platter, particularly if you are expecting more children at wedding. These new styles of holiday cookies are simply adorable to eat.

Each cookie is brilliantly decorated with amazing designs and tiny sugar crystals sprinkled on the cookie will add more taste to the cookie.

These particular holiday cookies are perfect for winter wedding theme. You can also include them in your wedding favor basket. [ via ]



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