Recently I attended a friend’s wedding and instead of immediately getting home and tossing out the wedding favors that sometimes come with these big events, I gleefully set to work on deciding whether I’d use them at home or in my office. One, in particular, was actually something that I had been needing (a nice reusable drink cup with a lid and straw) and one was the most fun thing ever: the stress ball. I’d never seen those given out at a wedding before but when I asked the bride how she came up with the idea she said “everyone’s always squeezing them right? I figured they could think of us and this day every time they got stressed out and hopefully laugh a bit and feel better.” What a cool concept!

wedding favorsPersonalized items are everywhere these days. You see little kids with personalized luggage, and retirees using tote bags at the grocery store. Why not make sure that if you’re personalizing something to give out, whether it’s for a tradeshow or a wedding, it’s something that people will actually use and use for years to come? Imagine how nice it would be to have your best friend traveling in Ireland with a personalized bag that you gave her for being your maid of honor, and being asked to tell the story of how you two met. It’s an immediate way to connect.

Here are a few of the neatest personalized products that I’ve seen for wedding favors and gifts:

Personalized coolers: these are especially great for a late spring or summer wedding, perfect for the beach! They can be reused as lunch bags for work or for the kids to take to school.

Personalized tote bags: I’m really a huge fan of these because they’re great to have in the car for groceries, and some stores (like Aldi) don’t provide free bags so these are a big hit usually. They can be used for a host of other purposes. They’re also a big hit with the green crowd.

Personalized spiral clip holders: Again, I love these! They’re great for the office to hold photos of your loved ones, or notes for the day.

Personalized folding book lights: As an avid reader, this is something I’d have bought anyway. They are especially awesome for kids who share a room and like to read in bed, so these are usually a big hit with everyone. If you travel on planes a lot, these are a must have as the overhead lights are sometimes too bright and can keep your seat mate awake.

Personlized flash drives: If you have a computer, you’ll love this. How cool would it be to give these out to everyone at your wedding, pre-loaded with a “thanks for being our friend” pre-wedding video recorded by the happy couple?

As far as gifts go, why not give out some personalized hoodies to all the groomsmen? (What guy doesn’t like a hoodie??) For the bridesmaids, maybe a great coffee mug, and for the younger kids in the wedding, something fun like frisbees might be cool.

There are loads of great companies that sell these items and there may even be one in your hometown as a lot of mom and pop shops do this now. You can probably find a great deal online as companies like tend to have a lot of clearance deals and specials. I’d definitely recommend getting a few price quotes though, and make sure that whatever company you choose has a great reputation for quality.

Just remember that it’s your special day, so take the extra step to make sure that your guests have a great takeaway that makes them think as fondly of that day as you will.



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