Butterfly wedding themes have become ultra popular these days. Butterflies, one of the nature’s most graceful and beautiful gifts, add addiction to any kind of wedding event.

They are mainly identified as the symbol of joy, light heartedness and also symbolizes the new changes and new beginnings in your life.

So, if you choose this wonderful theme for your wedding, here are few ideas for you to give awesome butterfly wedding favors for your guests.

Giving beautiful butterfly wedding favors simply makes your wedding most memorable event for you and also for your guests. Actually, it is the perfect way to celebrate your new life together.

Crystal Butterfly Candle Holder Favors

These crystal butterfly candle holder favors suits to all themes of wedding and also to other wonderful occasions in your life.

These cute tea light candle holders help you to make it with event. Each crystal butterfly candle holder features a sliver metal wire base. Each of these beautiful favors come in individually packed in a white box.

wedding favors

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“Butterflies and Bows” Satin Ring Pillow!

This gorgeous white satin pillow is 8” ring pillow that suits to your wedding theme perfectly. As beautiful and as delicate as the wonderful wings of butterfly, this satin, white ring pillow is specially designed for most elegant butterfly themed weddings.

A lovely, embroidered, fabric line with pale green leaves and white butterflies adds more beauty to this 8″ pillow.

wedding favors

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