The truth is that the majority of the couples want to avoid having a winter wedding, even though these are just as beautiful as the summer ones. In case you are looking for winter wedding party favor ideas you will find numerous ones that you will like.

Winter Wedding Party Favors Ideas

Brownies as one of the ideas for winter wedding party favor

Although offering brownie favors may seem a little too simple, think about the fact that the brownies can be decorated in many different ways.

For a wintery theme you should consider adding blue frosting to the brownies and decorate them with some white frosting as well to make them look like they have beads or snow on them.

Votive holders

In case you are interested in wedding party favors for the winter don’t forget that everybody would like some warmth and light in their cold winter days and this can be achieved by lighting candles. Offer the guests a set of votive holders in ice blue or silver color.


When it comes to winter wedding party favor ideas you could think about the objects that are specific for the winter, such as those related to the winter holidays.

If you are having your wedding a little before Christmas, offer the guests personalized tree ornaments with your initials or a cute message.

Mint roll

Offering mint rolls is always an interesting tip for winter wedding party favors. You may opt for just any kind of mint and make sure that the wrapping paper of the mint is personalized. Add wintery motifs to the design and a personalized message.

Snowflake treat

The couples looking for winter wedding party favor ideas should consider offering a crispy treat to the guests that they can enjoy on their way home. For the winter think about those in the shape of snowflakes or other shapes that are specific for the winter time.

Hot chocolate

There is nothing better than to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate in the winter so this is something that you could use as one of the winter wedding favor tips. Get some hot chocolate in personalized packaging. Most probably the guests will be cold on their way home and it will be nice to have a cup of hot chocolate after they get home.

There are a lot of winter wedding party favor ideas,you just have to make your pick.

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