Women attend numerous wedding showers during their life and in the majority of the cases they get wedding shower favors that are cute and that remind them of the wedding shower in question, but nothing more, just a memory.

In case you are organizing an upcoming bridal shower, you might want to take the idea a little further and find some gifts that are both nice and practical. Naturally in case the bridal shower has a certain theme the favors should also have the same theme.

Wedding Shower FavorsYou may be puzzled when presented with a huge number of favor options, so here’s an idea: cookie cutters. There are many advantages of this idea, including the fact that these are quite inexpensive and there are thousands of different shapes that you can find in shops or online.

In case you don’t want to stick to a certain theme, choose something simple, like a heart shaped cutter and add a cute message to it, like ‘cut out for love’.

These party favors are cute, creative and every time the guests open their drawer or make cookies they will remember your party.

No matter what kind of budget you have, you can be sure that you will find a miniature album that you will like and that will seem to be just perfect as a wedding shower favor. In case you would like to create something original and you have the time for it, you could always add a personal touch to them through decorating the albums manually. You could also add some photos from the party with the girls and yourself.

Another great idea is to offer the guests a disposable camera. This way you can be sure to have a lot of snapshots of the party. You could scatter the cameras around the location and the best thing about them is that the guest can take them home. These items are just perfect as wedding shower favors because they come in a wide range of colors and styles.

In order to make sure that the guests don’t miss any important moments, add a cute little tag to the cameras saying that they could see things that the others don’t. Also it might be a good idea to organize a little scavenger hunt of photos and offer a prize to those who complete the list.

Potpourri sachets are also good party favors, although they are a bit old-fashioned, but still very girly. The best thing about the potpourri sachets is that they come in a wide variety of styles, colors and shapes ranging from sultry burgundy satin to pastel numbers with silk roses on the top.

In case the guests put them in their drawers every time they open it they will be surprised by the nice smell and for sure they will remember the party they got the potpourri from.

You can see that there is no need to be thinking about elaborate and expensive party favor ideas because you can also keep it simple and matching your budget.



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