In case you are planning your wedding, you sure think about many things. Yet, one of the most important parts of the wedding day is the wedding favors.

Along with the wedding décor, the wedding favors make any wedding special and unique. Each year the wedding favor trends are changing, but the classiest ones remain the love sign favors.

wedding favorsIn case you are a romantic bride to be and you don’t mind to have classic wedding favors, don’t hesitate to choose favors that speak of your feelings.

For many, the wedding favors are just a matter of personal view. In case you are an adventurous person, you can create the wedding favors by yourself.

The wedding favors should be chosen at least two months before the wedding, especially if you have to create them by yourself.

If you are good at sewing, you can create napkins with hearts sewed on them.

You can place your signature there, so that all of your guests remember the biggest day of your life.

In case you want to buy ready made wedding favors, check out the Beau-Coup wedding favors. These are great romantic favors made as a heart shaped candles with your names and the wedding date. The company offers to place a special quote or monogram.

The Valentine’s Day inspired wedding favors are perfect for romantic brides. In case you want more practical wedding favors, you can still add some romantic element on them.

wedding favorFor instance, you may want to gift your guest with a chocolate, and then simply choose the “You warm up My Heart” Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Wedding Favor offered by Fred Flare.

It is a practical gift that for sure tastes sweet.

A practical wedding favor can be a bottle of wine with your personal monogram on it.

If you are going to marry on a beach, choose a wedding favor from the marine topic.

Luxury soap or a perfume is great for any wedding, especially if you are preparing for a lavish wedding.

If you are on a budget, don’t turn your back on the dollar stores. You can find amazing accessories there, which can be personalized and turned into a great wedding favor.

Overall, no matter what kind of favor you are choosing, romantic or practical, make sure you are adding a thankful note with any favor. This makes a good impression and shows respect to the guests.



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