Love and chocolate are linked with each other and we all know it. In case you love chocolate and you are planning your wedding, choose chocolate wedding favors.

It is stylish and classy, but mostly: it adds some personal element in your wedding day. Here are some ideas that can help you to choose the right favors for the biggest day of your life.

chocolate favors 1The first thing you should know, in case you want chocolate favors is to research the market and the companies that are offering such favors.

Don’t go for the stereotypical chocolate favors, there are already companies that are offering boutique chocolate favors and they are going to be made just for your wedding.

Such a company is the Beacon Hill Chocolates. They are offering boxed chocolates as wedding favors. The vintage look of the boxes and the special notes on each of the boxes are perfect for your event. You can also add thankful notes on the boxes.

Another good choice is the Cacao Atlanta’s offer. It is called the Chocolate Energy Boost and it is made for weddings in contemporary style. The favor represents roasted chocolate covered with cocoa nibs in a very modern box.

chocolate favors 2

The chocolate is made by a unique recipe and your guests will be delighted by the surprising chocolate favor. Cacao Atlanta is preparing chocolate favors since 10 years and they are already praised as the best, not to mention their favors are very affordable.

chocolate favors 3Each chocolate favor comes for less than $ 4. In case you are a classy lover and you are seeking for special favors, go for the Christopher Norman Chocolates.

This is a designer company that is offering very extravagant wedding favors. Their latest suggestion is the Chocolate cigar.

It is a favor that can be extremely proper for a bachelor party and it comes with different lavish packages.

In case you want super luxury chocolate wedding favors, then you should check the FireLilly Chocolates. Their latest collection of chocolate wedding favors is amazing as it represents gourmet chocolate truffles cones.

chocolate favors 4

Each of them tastes different and it surely can be called a pleasure for a real chocoholic. The cones come with different prices as the most expensive one is $160.

Another lavish offer is the La Maison du Chocolate’s offer. The world-best chocolatier is producing decadent favor boxes that can please even a millionaire. Each box costs $8.



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