Wedding favors are a fantastic means of expressing your gratitude and happiness to your near and dear ones, who took their time and effort to attend your wedding, and made it a memorable event. Though it is not compulsory to give wedding favors, they are certainly a beautiful means to thank your near ones by offering a permanent memory of your wedding.

The custom of wedding favors is very old, which has been progressed tremendously over the years, and today couples try to incorporate their creativity and personal touch to make the favor as memorable as possible.

wedding favors  etiquette

Listed below are some pointers to help you with the etiquette of wedding favors:

Is it Compulsory to Give Wedding Favors?

Although it is not necessary to give wedding favors, they are a great way of appreciating the guests for their presence and if your budget allows you should go for some thoughtful wedding favors. The wedding favors are not counted for their cost, but the thought behind it. Hence, it is best to choose something, that is noteworthy to you and your family or something related to your wedding theme.

How much should you Spend?

You need to plan the cost of the wedding favors depending on your total budget. First of all, fix an idea on what you want to give and then how much you can spend on it. Always remember that it is not an expensive gift that matters, but the thought behind it; so think creatively and you can even go for some do it yourself wedding favors as well.

Favors for Everyone, Including Children

It is very important that everyone who is attending your wedding should get a favor including children. However, it is a good idea to give something special to the children, which they mainly enjoy. The wedding favors need not have to be uniform for everybody; instead you can opt for personalized favors for each couple or each individual attending the wedding.

Presentation of Favors

There are numerous ways to make the wedding favors, creative and personalized with hand tags, ribbons, labels and stickers fixed to a variety of attractive gifts. As long as the wedding favors indicate the thoughtfulness and personal style of the couple, it doesn’t matter whether the gift is traditional or unique.

Plan in Advance

Regardless of the number of people in your guest list, it is absolutely necessary to plan well in advance for the wedding favors. You need to ensure that the person who is responsible for wedding favors, has enough time to plan the favors, to visit multiple retail stores or online sites and decide on the personalized gifts.

With careful planning and thoughtfulness, you can have your perfect wedding favors, which can be a fabulous way to share your happiness and love and to make your dream day a big success.


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