When looking for wedding favor ideas, you don’t have to think about elaborate and expensive favors. There are a lot of favor ideas that are easy and cheap to prepare and you can wow your guests just as easily.

Wedding Favor Ideas

Homemade granola

You can have sweet favors for the guests in the form of granola. This is a really good idea because your guests will be able to have some on their way home. Just get some mason jars and add a colorful label to them to make them pop.

Retro rounds

This is one of the tips for wedding favors that everybody will enjoy. Get some simple and old style capsules with small candy or other goodies. It is also a good idea to add a monogrammed label to the rounds. This is an idea you can’t go wrong with.

Soda pop

A special drink isn’t right only for cocktail hour, but it is also one of the wedding favor ideas. You just need a soda bottle and add to it your signature drink. Secure a straw to the bottle and maybe you could also add a note that comes with the recipe of the drink.

Regional treat

Many couples choose to have their wedding in their hometown and if this is the case, when it comes to the wedding favors tips you should offer a local specialty to the guests.

Put the goodies in regular containers and add a special tag to them. The tag should have the map of your city.

Flash drive

We are all living in the era of technology, so when thinking about wedding favor ideas consider offering the guests a personalized flash drive. This may have some photos from the wedding and maybe your playlist so that the party will never end.

Cocoa treat

Everybody enjoys having some sweets from time to time. As one of the suggestions for wedding favors, you could think about adding some cocoa to a cone shaped packaging and then add some marshmallows as well so that in the end the package will look like an ice cream cone.

In order to find the most suitable wedding favor ideas, you should think about the theme of your wedding and the things that make it special. Incorporate these features into the favors that you offer so that they will become a memento.

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