One of the most important things when it comes to wedding reception favors is for them to be practical and in the same time versatile. These are the characteristics of those favors that the guests for sure will remember.

Photo glass as favors for the wedding reception

The main point of these favors is to set the mood of the event. There are several words printed on the wedding favor, including joy, bliss, happiness, hope and unity. The advantage is that you can use them as a photo frame, but also as a card holder. These favors for the wedding reception come with a small window that allows you to expose the picture. They are just great to let your guests take them home as a memory from your wedding.

Wedding Reception FavorsHershey’s Kisses

These are the most well-known chocolates produced by the company, and now you can offer them as wedding reception favors.

Also you have the possibility to customize them with your names or initials, and there are many different designs to choose from.

There are 5 different flavors that you can opt for, including milk chocolate, special dark chocolate, Hugs milk and white chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds and caramel filled as favors for the wedding reception.


Although you might have not known this, one of the most popular favors for the wedding reception is the personalized matchbox. The best thing about them is that they are suitable no matter what theme you opt for and you can choose from 17 box colors, 3 fonts and 33 colors of foil. Naturally in the majority of the cases you have to buy batches of 100.

Disposable cameras

If you are looking for some wedding reception favors that the guests will enjoy for sure, you should get them a disposable camera. You could find such items in just any store, but the difference is that there are some special cameras with special designs that have been created for such special occasions.


These are the perfect favor for a wedding reception especially in case your wedding has an Oriental theme. They can be used in case things get a little hot on the dance floor and the guests can also take the fans home for later use. They come in many different styles and designs and all there is left for you is to choose the one that you like.

Hot sauce

When you are looking for original wedding reception favors, you shouldn’t forget about the hot sauce bottles that you can also personalize to make sure that they are suitable for the event. You can add characters to the label, and there are three different kinds of sauces to choose from.

You may see that there are many original ideas regarding wedding reception favors and all you have to do is to find them and to get the one that you like. Also in the majority of the cases they aren’t as expensive as they seem to be at first.



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