wedding favorsWedding favors are an appreciation gift from the bride and groom to their guests.

They are usually small packages that vary in size, color and content all depending on the preferences of the couple as well as the budget and theme of the wedding. Favors can vary from trinkets to food.

Favors can consist of, firstly: a personalized thank you card which expresses the couple’s appreciation in words. This thank you card can be simple and can be used as a place setting.

Custom labeled bottled water, would be placed next to the cutlery and crockery. These too, can be used as place setters. A personalized key chain, with the recipient’s name on it can be placed in a small box with your main color theme.

The bow around the box will also have the recipient’s name on it. All the favors will be placed in a customized goodie bag, labeled with the newly weds’ names.

A digital video disc can also be in the customized goodie bag. On the disc will be the happy couple expressing their sincerest gratitude, verbally. The cover of the disc will have a portrait of the happy couple and the back cover will have the couples’ vows to each other.

Basically the quality of the favor package will depend on the wedding budget at hand as well as the number of guests invited.

Some edible favors are worth considering, for example, chocolate bars which will have you and your spouse’s favorite quote perhaps in relation to how much you love each other. Sweets will also be included in the bag; maybe heart shaped sweets in different flavors, colors and sizes of your choice.

Picture frames of varied sizes can be used as favors. The color scheme of the wedding can and will most definitely affect the shape, color and even the texture of the frames. Whether or not the frames will have a picture, is at your discretion.

If you do decide to put pictures, a photo of you together is worth considering. If there are animal lovers you may know, you could put pictures of either their pets or wild life. Some would choose to put some biblical scriptures.

These biblical quotations would pertain to love, marriage and faithfulness. Another wedding reception favor idea with a message written on it would be mini scrolls, just like the picture frames it won’t take more than a minute and will also bear either a message of love or simply best wishes for the married couple. Personalized napkins can also be used to convey a message.

For more lavish and unique favor ideas, disposable cameras that have been customized for the wedding can be handed out to the guests upon arrival at the venue. Or you can just place them neatly on the tables.

Another option would be to place them in the personalized goodie bags themselves. Bath salts in tiny customized bottles with miniature candles can be distributed as well. If you are going to serve champagne, decorated corkscrews can also be made available to the guests.



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