In case you are planning your wedding, you are surely wondering about the wedding favors. There are thousands of models, but in case you want to offer something amazing to your guest, research the market about the most beautiful choices when it comes to wedding favors.

wedding favors

In case your wedding is eco style, the tree wedding favors are just for you. They represent a branch of tree or simply a baby tree, beautifully decorated and presented in a long glass of champagne.

You can add them in small vases. Another thing you should consider as an original wedding favor is the stones.

The natural materials like rock, wood and glass are perfect for wedding favor, not to mention they differ from the usual wedding favor and are cheaper.

wedding favor

In case your wedding ceremony is going to be at the beach, then consider the beach theme for your wedding favor. You can choose a bottle of sand with a candle as the perfect wedding favor.

Another thing, which goes perfectly with the occasion, is a wedding favor with a navy theme. Coffee mugs may sound to you a bit too convenient, but if you personalize them, they will be great wedding favors. You can order mugs with your initials and the initials of your husband.

wedding favoursRecently the Italian themed weddings are very fashionable. In case you are a fan of them, choose a wedding favor that reminds of Italy.

One good wedding favor in this case will surely be a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, decorated or engraved with the date of your wedding.

The winter weddings are perhaps the most difficult to organize, but when it comes to wedding favors, they are actually the easiest.

A box of gingerbread cookies is always a good decision, not to mention it symbolizes the sweetness of your love, so don’t hesitate to go for it.

At last, don’t forget it is your wedding and the wedding favor should represent something that you like, but if you really like some universal wedding favor, then choose a well decorated matchbox. It is a perfect wedding favor, not to mention it is practical.

Recently one of the most modern wedding favors is the book. A beautifully packed book with a thankful note is never a bad idea, so choose it, in case you are a reading fan.



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