In case you are going to marry in the winter, don’t hesitate to turn your wedding into a typical winter feast. The season offers lots of opportunities.

wedding favors

You can marry on Christmas or on New Year’s Eve with a great party. Whatever you are choosing, just don’t turn your back on the winter theme for your wedding. Forget the typical wedding favors and go for winter themed favors. They are beautiful and interesting, which all add an artistic touch to your favors.

scented pine conesOne of the most beautiful winter themed wedding favors is the snowflake ornaments. You can also surprise your guests with nice candles, encrusted with silver stars. This is an expensive wedding favor.

In case you are on a budget, go for winter scented pine cone. It will cost you $2 per piece, but it is an original gift for your guests.

If you are planning New Year’s wedding, then a bottle of champagne will be a great wedding favor.

A handmade Christmas tree ornament is also an option, not to mention this way you will personalize your favors.

Many people prefer to gift their guests with CDs of romantic music. Instead of romantic music you can amaze your guests by giving them a CD with the most popular Christmas songs as a wedding favor.

A box of gourmet chocolates is always a perfect wedding favor, but you should add something personal to it. Write a thankful note to each of your guests and add it to the wedding favor.

chocolate wedding favor

In case you have time on your hands, you can create the wedding favors by yourself. You can make a nice Christmas card, an interesting wreath or a box of homemade cookies.

santa claus figuresWhatever you are choosing, make sure you are adding some winter element on the favor. The artificial snow is good for this matter, so you can beautify the wedding favor with it.

Another good idea is to gift your guests with small Santa Claus figures. You can find them in any dollar store.

The snowflake wine stopper is also a very good decision, for it is a practical and elegant gift.

A bottle of wine with personal label on the bottle is another beautiful winter wedding favor, but you will have to decorate the bottle with typical winter themed accessories.

Add some ribbons in bronze and silver and don’t forget to write a thankful note to each bottle.



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